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  The Nightraider Project

The Nightraider Project – After-hours trade alerts for the Dow emini futures


Our mission at The Nightraider Project is simple – to exploit the overnight after-hours futures markets to consistently extract, keep and build upon profits. Profits that for over 99% of small, under-capitalized, 'outsider' day traders are all too often elusive or at best fleeting. Our research is revealing some important facts about the overnight eminis futures market. It has a distinct lack of 'fakeouts' – a major annoyance at best, but typically a source of frustrating losses for the 'small, undercapitalized, outsider' day trader. Ask 99% of those traders how reacting to the breakouts, fakeouts and shakeouts has worked out for them.

Over the years the overnight market has demonstrated a more consistent and steady upside movement than most day market action. This means that under the right conditions, when a trade is entered at the close of the day session – the probability of profiting just before the next day's open is much higher than if you're waiting to pull the trigger on a day trade, sitting there on the edge of your seat watching the day action every second, wrestling with high-stress emotions on a hair-trigger ready to react to every breakout, fakeout or shakeout. Here we are developing a program that, if our backtesting continues to run true to our theory, will consistently yield profits month-over-month (keeping in mind of course that, in the Wall Street Casino, past results cannot guarantee future performance).

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