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  The Nightraider Project
Q: How will the alerts be sent to me?
A: Via email: alerts@emininighttrading.com (a NOREPLY address)

Q: How can I report my daily trade results?
A: Via email: dailyresults@emininighttrading.com

Q: When will I begin receiving the alerts?
A: You should begin receiving the email alerts within one business day after signing up (ordering). If you do not begin receiving the email alerts, check your SPAM folder! Be sure to mark the email as NOT SPAM.

Q: Do I have to register to receive the alerts?
A: No. That function has been built into the web site for possible future functionality e.g. members'-only page(s).

Q: Do I have to log in when visiting the site after paying for service?
A: No. However in the future customers' only page(s) may be added, requiring you to log in to view those. In that event you would need to register for access to any customer-only pages. No worries we will inform you when/if we go that route with our subscribers.

Q: What time frame does each payment cover?
A: Service is month-to-month only ('30' days. Ex: You order service March 14th, so service must be renewed April 14th to continue). You will receive a renewal reminder a few days before your current month of service expires.

Q: What if I don't renew in time?
A: Customer commitment is on a month-to-month basis, with no auto-renewal. A missed payment will result in being taken off the email distribution list for the alerts. Simply make a payment to resume service.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: There is no refund up to and including your current one-month service period. Customer commitment is on a month-to-month basis. We currently do not offer auto-renewal or a discount for advance payment for more than one month of service.

Q: Why is phone support minimal?
A: We are a very small (and very busy) enterprise, so we're not well-equipped for phone support. And because we will have customers who live in time zones anywhere in the world, we can't answer the phone 24/7 (unless we decide to give up sleep). Also the relatively low fee for our service reflects in part costs we've elected not to bear e.g. a full time customer service person(s) and a budget for international number callbacks. For this situation email is ideal. Typically for this kind of business phone support almost exclusively is for the purpose of sales and addressing billing issues from clients. Trading 'mechanics' advice is typically never provided - it is assumed that our clients at least have had enough self-directed day trading or related experience speculating in the financial markets to not expect 'hand-holding' consults. However that said, any concerns or questions can typically be addressed via email correspondence. We strive to reply to those promptly. (An increasing number of businesses are moving away from phone to FAQ/forum/email support - even many large corporations do not provide a contact phone number!)

Q: Why are text alerts not offered?
A: We hate cell phones. And carpal tunnel.
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