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  The Nightraider Project

Frequency and Timing of Our Signals


When you join The Nightraider Project, you will receive a maximum of two alerts/day, sent to you as emails via alerts@emininighttrading.com (a NOREPLY address). A possible market or limit order entry alert will be issued some time after the day session close (close is at 4:00pm ET). That alert could come late as 3:00am ET, so keep your devices at the ready. A possible trade exit alert might then be issued within 1/2 hour of the day session open at 9:30am ET - though because often some economic data is typically released an hour ahead of the open we will issue an alert before the release. This is because immediate and intense volatility of index movement can and usually does occur upon release of the data (more often than not we don't want to find ourselves caught in that sh*tstorm!).

Though a trade alert may be issued any time during the after-hours futures session (6:00pm-8:30am ET), most times they will be issued during what we have found is the safest time to enter and exit a trade - 6:00pm-8:00pm ET. NOTE: The only trading that might be done during the day session would be an exit alert for open positions - we will never enter a trade during the day session! One exception: At the end of a rough market week i.e. the Dow was down at least three out of the five day sessions, we will sometimes issue a buy order just before the close of the futures market (5:00pm ET). The contract(s) would then be held over the weekend, then exited quickly upon the open of Sunday's night session (6:00pm ET) if the Dow futures execute the expected rapid gap-up upon opening. This is a higher risk/reward trade setup, but it can reap $100s/contract within a minute of the open of the Sunday night session!

In accordance with our methodology, if profits aren't taken before the day session begins and it is determined that a temporary potential drawdown can be tolerated or there is a high probability of additional profit, your exposure may then be a swing trade. The system is, among other factors, predicated on the observation that the markets always reverse after a pullback, and over a given short-intermediate time frame any correction will always result in the indexes recovering and surpassing their previous highs. Also, again, whenever our system indicates the potential high-probability gain over a weekend (e.g. we have entered a position just before the close of the Friday day session, after several days of a pullback/correction) we will occasionally hold a position into the following week's first overnight session. Though generally holding positions over a weekend is not a risk we would take very often. That being said, there have been and will be many potential huge Monday morning profit-taking opportunities available to us after entering a position at the end of a down week!

NOTE: Unfortunately for the vast majority of traders, patience is not a particularly strong suite. If like many you are determined to continue gambling in the day session even as you're trying this service, it is highly recommended that you have a separate brokerage account for each activity. That would serve to segregate and compartmentalize the two methodologies. This two-account strategy might at least spare the account used for the overnight market the same impulsive trading tendencies that are all too common during the day session. Comparing results over time may convince you of the many advantages of trading the overnight market exclusively.


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