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  The Nightraider Project

The Nightraider Methodology


If you read the “The Problem” section, you'll understand the importance of minimizing the perceived as well as actual risk of trading highly-leveraged instruments like the YM. Hence, our strong recommendation that anyone who joins Nightraiders and uses our trade signals have a minimum starting capitalization of $25,000 per 1 emini futures contract traded, preferably $35K - the larger your brokerage account the better since that will minimize risk if positions are held overnight. Our monthly profit target is currently $1,000, based on trading one YM contract, one or more times/week. This won't make you rich, but then, show me a day trader that makes profit of $12,000/yr starting with a $5K, $10K, or even a $20K account! With our system, you will likely trade with less stress, and that combined with what we think is a much safer way to extract profit using overnight market movement should afford you a better chance of achieving consistent profit over an intermediate time period (one month-one year).

One last and crucial difference with our service should be noted and carefully considered before joining us – we try not to use physical stops in the overnight market. Blasphemy, you say?! The cold hard reality of trading - day trading in particular – is that the well-capitalized insiders have full market depth and order visibility across all markets, in every sector. They can see where the 'small, under-capitalized outsider' traders have placed their stop orders. And gee, guess what – those orders usually appear as clustering around points where most advisory services suggest their trading room clients place them. How many times have you experienced entering a day trade, and watched in extreme frustration and exasperation as “the market” makes its way down (or up) to your stop – gently touches it, takes it out and then reverses?! All of that said, we of course at least use 'mental stops' to ensure we exit with a minimal loss or break even when the trade just doesn't look like it will produce.

The well-capitalized insiders always obtain important information about the expected direction of future market movement as little as seconds before it happens. The cold hard reality is that they consistently profit at the expense of the small, under-capitalized outsider retail traders (“the 99%” of the day trading world). The reason? Every trading minute of every trading day, they move the markets. To keep a healthy perspective, it is always good to frequently remind yourself that the exchanges don't provide trading instruments like the eminis out of the goodness of their hearts because - much like a casino - they always have the edge.

NOTE: It is still possible to blow out your account, especially when no stops are being used, under rare but very possible scenarios like the 2008 crash that saw the Dow lose 55% of its value before it bottomed out in March of 2009. But we'd likely see that coming and not trade or if already in a position would exit for possibly a significant but not fatal loss. We'd stay on the sidelines if a sustained panic gripped the markets. That said, we've observed that since the tragic 9/11 attacks, the financial markets have become somewhat 'desensitized' to terrorist events. And major political events the markets perceive as hostile to their interests can cause the night market to react with huge drops, then quickly recover within a few days or even within that morning's day session, e.g. events like Brexit and the 2016 general election, respectively.


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