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  The Nightraider Project

Track Record


As mentioned in our intro section, backtesting suggests that our methodology can be consistently profitable over a short-intermediate time frame. But as all experienced traders know, backtesting or simulated trading is financially, psychologically and emotionally far removed from the real-world experience of risking money in the financial markets. Our backtesting results are dependent on more than one scenario, and the nature of the methodology is such that it can't (at least for now) be easily fully automated. As such, when the method indicates a possible opportunity for a high-probability trade, the final decision on pulling the trigger still lies with human experience and judgment.

Additionally, results from any trades - simulated or real – depend upon the trader's ability to fill orders when a signal advises. Some will place limit orders, and some of those will not be filled. Many will use market orders to ensure execution, but using market orders means that entry/exit points – and hence profit/loss - will vary among our participants. Therefore our intent is to tabulate the results of real trades executed by all participants, every trading day. Your verifiable trading results is very important information. So important in fact, that each time we exit a position we may bug you to email us your entry and exit points i.e. time and sales data (we will eventually establish a customers' only page where you can just log in and enter your results there). But for now you would send us that info via dailyresults@emininighttrading.com.

We will tabulate your data, to provide a monthly track record that is accurate and honest, and most important, verifiable by trusted and respected organizations that rigorously evaluate trading systems (e.g., Futures Truth, TradingSchools.org, etc). They conduct reviews and analyze the track records of various trade alert services and programs. Tabulating your time and sales information will also be used to assist our objective of continuously improving our program methodology and algorithms - which will translate to more profit for you!

NOTE: The trade moderator's entries and exits will not be included with the tabulated results. This should eliminate suspicions of the moderator 'frontrunning' trades. Our focus will be on publishing participants' results. The trade alert issuer's results will be published separately. We are a new business. Our intent is to publish the monthly track records, then combine those into an annual track record report when we've been in business long enough. Our immediate objective is consistent profit from exploiting the overnight futures market. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our results are the most transparent and verifiable of any trade alert service on the web!




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DISCLAIMER SUMMARY: The financial markets are risky. Trading/investing is risky. This is not a solicitation, or an offer to buy or sell any security. Opinions are based on historical research and data believed reliable, but there is no guarantee that future results will be profitable. We are not advocating trading futures. This is not an endorsement or recommendation of the futures markets. The risk of loss in futures is substantial. You can lose more than your original investment. We are not Registered Investment Advisors or Commodity Trading Advisors. View our full Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions on our Legals page. View our Privacy Policy on our Privacy page.

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